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Hi there, welcome to Alex Mac Creation - a Cheltenham based photographer & film-maker.

Alex Mac is simply a creative creator who loves to create. Anything she can get her paws into, she's there.

Focussing mainly now on content for small, local companies and everyday people (but also having worked for larger businesses in the past), Alex photographs and films portraits, products and events. Alex believes firmly in delivering brilliant quality content for a price that works for everyone. So for a quote or to chat about your ideal project, pop her a message in the contact form and she'll get back to you as soon as she's put her camera down for the day! To view Alex Mac Creation’s film work, click here.

Alex once spent her life traveling the world, exploring new cultures, discovering incredible places and enjoying the fascinating world we live in. She’s now more settled at home in Gloucestershire but still travels for jobs and pleasure. Not from the UK but want to use Alex for your company? Get in contact! You never know when she may be in your neighbourhood!


For all enquiries contact Alex at:

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